Is it a good idea to buy accessories for your RV GPS?


Are you planning to make another short RV road trip? Or are you planning to hit the road full time? Any way you plan your vacation, do you think you need some additional accessories to completely utilize your RV GPS?

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Yes, you will need many such accessories. There will be a lot of unknown places, unknown ways, and roads full of challenges. You need a partner who is able to guide you through your cherished journey. There are a couple of things you need to consider before you start with your RV lifestyle.

You know it is wonderful to experience when are going on unknown terrain, an lady with an intoxicating voice from a non-living gadget tells you to turn left or right after a specific distance and you magically follow her commands to reach your destination. According to Paulo Coelho, during the journey “learn to recognize omens and follow them”. And we have devices built for that.

A RV GPS comes with necessary things like maps. There was a time when people used to carry physical maps for their journey and go on a world trip. By the time they reach, locals would exclaim “Ohh!! This seems to be an old map you are carrying. We don’t have lake here anymore. All the water is getting used up for that industry”. Well these days, most RV GPS devices feature maps for countries they are used in. You will also need additional accessories like these-

  •         Charger- to charge your GPS device for uninterrupted journey
  •         Dash-Board mount- to fix the GPS device on dashboard for easy navigation
  •         Sun Shade- to have a clear visibility on the direction even in brightest sun
  •         Real-Time traffic receiver- To get the updated information about traffic conditions


RV gps4If you want to get some really helpful accessories to enhance the core functionality of your RV GPS, then the best places to visit are the online shops offering RV accessories or GPS manufacturers’ websites. You can check different accessories that you may find useful for your upcoming RV trip. Here you can avail offers from a range of products and  accessories, to carry along with you in RV. You can also get the replacements for a GPS, at some very attractive discounts as well.


Some of the accessories you must look for are Bluetooth, extra Memory, extra battery backup for the GPS. Various features of GPS systems like travel planner, voice activated navigation will make your journey hassle free and more enjoyable.