How to buy a new RV

Are you planning to hit the road with your family and explore the unknown places of natural beauty and exciting new cities? Do you plan to buy a new RV to travel in style and comfort?


There are different types of RV’s that you can choose from. Depending upon your requirements and the kind of travelling you dream of, you should decide the RV type to buy. Ask yourself the question “What type of travelling am I planning for the future? Am I looking to travel over the weekends or going for a few weeks?” If you are a full time traveler planning to go for a long trip, then your needs will be different from the normal traveler. Also, you should check the number of people accompanying you and the things you plan to carry along with you during your RV trip. Once you have the answers to this question, you can decide on the right RV to buy. The most common types of RV’s are


class AClass A Motor-home:  this type of RV has a large space judicially planned with big sofas, dining tables, HDTV sets, a complete kitchen set with a refrigerator, a microwave, stove etc. The bathroom includes showers, flushing toilets, a dryer and a washer. The master bedroom has queen sized beds. Most Class A Motor-home comes with extra basement which can be used to store things needed during your long vacation. A Class A Motor-home is a high-end RV with a matching price tag that costs anything around $1 million.


class BClass B Motor-home: Class B is popularly called a Camper Vans. They offer a lot of features similar to a Class A Motor-home but comes in a smaller size. It offers a compact bathroom, a small sized kitchen and TV. Class B Motor-home is ideal for a small group, say 3 or 4 people, who go on a vacation. Driving a Class B Motor-home is much easier when compared to a Class A Motor-home which is bigger in size.


class CClass C Motor-home: This third category of motor-home is the most preferred RV. In summers, you can see a number of Class C Motor-homes, as they are available on a rent basis. Class C Motor-home is easy to drive and has enough space for a small family who wishes to spend their long weekend travelling. A Class C Motor-home ranges from 20 feet to 40 feet and is cost effective when compared to a Class A Motor-home.



Before you decides to buy a new RV, a few other factors should also be considered. These are

Maintenance: A bigger RV requires more maintenance. Therefore, it is always nice to buy a small one that can be easily maintained.


Kitchen: Always check if the RV offers a kitchen facility. An RV without a kitchen facility is not a good option for buying.


Insurance: Insurance plays a very important role in deciding the right RV to buy. Check with different insurance companies to get the best possible insurance plan for your RV.

Purchase Price: Check with various RV dealers for the price. Try to negotiate with them and get the best deal.  Check for various offer schemes offered by RV dealers especially during summers.


These are some of the points to consider while you plan to buy an RV. Buy the one that is maneuverable and comfortable for you by making your trip the most memorable and exciting.