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How to buy a new RV

Are you planning to hit the road with your family and explore the unknown places of natural beauty and exciting new cities? Do you plan to buy a new RV to travel in style and comfort?   There are different types of RV’s that you can choose from. Depending upon your requirements and the kind […]

Is it a good idea to buy accessories for your RV GPS?

  Are you planning to make another short RV road trip? Or are you planning to hit the road full time? Any way you plan your vacation, do you think you need some additional accessories to completely utilize your RV GPS? Yes, you will need many such accessories. There will be a lot of unknown […]

Setting up your RV GPS for the first time

It is never fun getting lost on a long journey. The challenges faced by RV travelers are many; from tunnels and bridges to raised railroad tracks. Blood pressures will rise, tempers flare, and the good times will cease as you are down a one-lane highway that seems like a never ending road. Of course, you […]