The most popular tourist destinations in the US

The US is well known for its cultural diversity in many cities but also has remained on the top of the travel list of numerous people across the world. It has certainly attracted countless visitors year after year due to the presence of many popular tourist locations across the country. Some of the most well-renowned places are listed below:


Grand Canyon: One of the most popular and iconic destinations in the USA. You get to experience the most scenic views in America by standing at the Bright Angel Tail the Grand Canyon Village. Most famous among hikers and sightseers, the Grand Canyon leaves its 4.5 million visitors per year enthralled for life.

Sunset above the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River.

Sunset above the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River.


Times Square: It is one of the most famous squares in the world. Being situated in the most visited American city New York, it has become an icon of power and tourism. It is an agglomeration of various commercial places, entertainment industry and large LED displays spread almost everywhere. It is bustling with enthusiastic people every time and every day.


Golden Gate Bridge: This is not less than a masterpiece in the waters of San Francisco city. It is one of the well-known suspension bridge in the world and has gained immense popularity in the tourism sector. The bridge has been officially declared as one of the marvels of the modern world. It has been regarded as the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed passage across the globe.


Yellowstone National Park: Its truly a nature lover’s paradise. Landscaped with hot springs, geysers, verdant forests and meadows, makes it a wonderland for the visitors. It is a must-see on your trip to the US. It is advised to bring your own bedding and food to save some money during the trip.


Las Vegas:  Often called as the Entertainment capital of the world. A vacation in the US cannot complete without experiencing the life in the “sin city”. This lively city is the home to the famous Las Vegas Strip which is celebrated for its buzzing energy.


Washington DC: The capital of the country is full of historic museums and sights and serves as a perfect tourist place. From the white house to the capitol mostly its free of cost and thus making it to the list the most visited places in the USA.


Mount Rushmore: If you want to admire the exceptional history of the States, Mount Rushmore is the place for you. The enormously sculptured faces of the presidents can be seen in various ways. One can immerse himself into the extended natural surroundings of the Black hills of South Dakota.


Miami: The famous Miami beaches are the most visited beaches in the world. The appropriate weather and makes it a refreshing and happening must visit place while traveling to the USA


Niagara Falls: A must-see the natural wonder in the state of New York.  At this place, nature is truly at its best. The whiteness of the falling water streams and the magical sound is to be experienced, to fathom its fame all across the world.

Tips for travelling with your family

“A vacation with family” this thought can bring about a great feeling of joy, fear or maybe, a mix of both to you. No matter how well traveled you are, travelling with your family is a totally different experience when compared with travelling solo. To lower the inherent chaos of travelling with your family and for making it an exciting and memorable trip, let us look at a few relevant tips to help you.


  1.    Be wise in the choice of your destination: You need to do some research before choosing the right place for your family vacation. Choosing your destination is very critical since success or failure of a family trip depends a lot on this decision. You have to ensure that the place chosen is suitable for and accepted by your family. It should be a place where your kids can also enjoy. Discuss the place with your family before finalizing it.


  1.    Collect necessary information about the place: It is very important to collect necessary information about the place you are going to visit. Details about climate, culture, places to visit, details about the best places to dine and stay etc. should be gathered before leaving. This will help in planning and in avoiding confusion.


  1.    Avoid holidays while travelling: It is always better to avoid holidays and weekends for your vacation. This will save money and helps in avoiding rush.


  1.    Pack light: It is very important that you don’t carry heavy bags and luggage while travelling. Carrying a heavy bag is a burden when you are travelling. Carry only things that are absolutely essential. Dress casually and wear something you are comfortable in.


  1.    Stay in good quality hotels: Never compromise on the places of your stay when you travel with your family. Make sure you stay in good and well located hotels. Avoid cheap and dirty looking hotels as they are not safe and can spoil the vacation.


  1.    Avoid tourist traps: When you go to historical places, try to avoid shops and restaurants close to this place. Most of the shops and restaurants will be expensive and the quality of souvenirs will be poor.


  1.    Avoid the help of local tourist guides: If you are travelling to a place that is completely new to you, then try your best to avoid getting the help of local tourist guides. They will cheat you by providing false information. It is always better to get information from the staff of the hotel you are staying in or get the help through the internet. Collecting information from the locals is also a good option for exploring nearby places as well as developing some new friendships.


  1.    Avoid expensive restaurants and keep an eye on your budget: It is very important to avoid unnecessary expenses like eating at expensive restaurants. When travelling, make sure to have light meals to keep fit while travelling. Always keep an eye on your food budget.


  1.    Get travel insurance: Getting travel insurance is a good option, especially when you are going out of the country on a family vacation.


  1.    Capture the memories: It is very important to capture the memories of the family vacation. Avoid cheap cameras. Always carry a hard disk to copy the pictures from the digital camera so that you can take as many pictures as you wish.


A family vacation is something everyone would like to go for once in awhile. Planning in advance helps in making it more enjoyable. Follow the tips given above for a perfect family vacation.

How to buy a new RV

Are you planning to hit the road with your family and explore the unknown places of natural beauty and exciting new cities? Do you plan to buy a new RV to travel in style and comfort?


There are different types of RV’s that you can choose from. Depending upon your requirements and the kind of travelling you dream of, you should decide the RV type to buy. Ask yourself the question “What type of travelling am I planning for the future? Am I looking to travel over the weekends or going for a few weeks?” If you are a full time traveler planning to go for a long trip, then your needs will be different from the normal traveler. Also, you should check the number of people accompanying you and the things you plan to carry along with you during your RV trip. Once you have the answers to this question, you can decide on the right RV to buy. The most common types of RV’s are


class AClass A Motor-home:  this type of RV has a large space judicially planned with big sofas, dining tables, HDTV sets, a complete kitchen set with a refrigerator, a microwave, stove etc. The bathroom includes showers, flushing toilets, a dryer and a washer. The master bedroom has queen sized beds. Most Class A Motor-home comes with extra basement which can be used to store things needed during your long vacation. A Class A Motor-home is a high-end RV with a matching price tag that costs anything around $1 million.


class BClass B Motor-home: Class B is popularly called a Camper Vans. They offer a lot of features similar to a Class A Motor-home but comes in a smaller size. It offers a compact bathroom, a small sized kitchen and TV. Class B Motor-home is ideal for a small group, say 3 or 4 people, who go on a vacation. Driving a Class B Motor-home is much easier when compared to a Class A Motor-home which is bigger in size.


class CClass C Motor-home: This third category of motor-home is the most preferred RV. In summers, you can see a number of Class C Motor-homes, as they are available on a rent basis. Class C Motor-home is easy to drive and has enough space for a small family who wishes to spend their long weekend travelling. A Class C Motor-home ranges from 20 feet to 40 feet and is cost effective when compared to a Class A Motor-home.



Before you decides to buy a new RV, a few other factors should also be considered. These are

Maintenance: A bigger RV requires more maintenance. Therefore, it is always nice to buy a small one that can be easily maintained.


Kitchen: Always check if the RV offers a kitchen facility. An RV without a kitchen facility is not a good option for buying.


Insurance: Insurance plays a very important role in deciding the right RV to buy. Check with different insurance companies to get the best possible insurance plan for your RV.

Purchase Price: Check with various RV dealers for the price. Try to negotiate with them and get the best deal.  Check for various offer schemes offered by RV dealers especially during summers.


These are some of the points to consider while you plan to buy an RV. Buy the one that is maneuverable and comfortable for you by making your trip the most memorable and exciting.

Is it a good idea to buy accessories for your RV GPS?


Are you planning to make another short RV road trip? Or are you planning to hit the road full time? Any way you plan your vacation, do you think you need some additional accessories to completely utilize your RV GPS?

Rv gps 3

Yes, you will need many such accessories. There will be a lot of unknown places, unknown ways, and roads full of challenges. You need a partner who is able to guide you through your cherished journey. There are a couple of things you need to consider before you start with your RV lifestyle.

You know it is wonderful to experience when are going on unknown terrain, an lady with an intoxicating voice from a non-living gadget tells you to turn left or right after a specific distance and you magically follow her commands to reach your destination. According to Paulo Coelho, during the journey “learn to recognize omens and follow them”. And we have devices built for that.

A RV GPS comes with necessary things like maps. There was a time when people used to carry physical maps for their journey and go on a world trip. By the time they reach, locals would exclaim “Ohh!! This seems to be an old map you are carrying. We don’t have lake here anymore. All the water is getting used up for that industry”. Well these days, most RV GPS devices feature maps for countries they are used in. You will also need additional accessories like these-

  •         Charger- to charge your GPS device for uninterrupted journey
  •         Dash-Board mount- to fix the GPS device on dashboard for easy navigation
  •         Sun Shade- to have a clear visibility on the direction even in brightest sun
  •         Real-Time traffic receiver- To get the updated information about traffic conditions


RV gps4If you want to get some really helpful accessories to enhance the core functionality of your RV GPS, then the best places to visit are the online shops offering RV accessories or GPS manufacturers’ websites. You can check different accessories that you may find useful for your upcoming RV trip. Here you can avail offers from a range of products and  accessories, to carry along with you in RV. You can also get the replacements for a GPS, at some very attractive discounts as well.


Some of the accessories you must look for are Bluetooth, extra Memory, extra battery backup for the GPS. Various features of GPS systems like travel planner, voice activated navigation will make your journey hassle free and more enjoyable.

Setting up your RV GPS for the first time

It is never fun getting lost on a long journey. The challenges faced by RV travelers are many; from tunnels and bridges to raised railroad tracks. Blood pressures will rise, tempers flare, and the good times will cease as you are down a one-lane highway that seems like a never ending road. Of course, you can unfold your map or ask someone for directions. Best option is to have a guiding unit you can use to set the dimensions of your vehicle. You must customize the GPS according to the gross weight, width, height and the overall length of your RV.

Global Positioning System devices can be relied upon pretty heavily with their up-to-date maps, a user-friendly setting and options to make your travel easy. RV GPS Units can save you a great deal of time and headache when you are on the road. Setting up your RV GPS Units is just easy as 1, 2, 3.RV gps

Some models are more versatile than others. They allow the user to set an RV setting. After providing the important dimensions, the unit is programmed to adjust the trajectory of the trip depending on the size of your RV.

When you take your RV GPS out of the box, you will notice that is has a suction cup and a dashboard disk. A suction cup is used for fixing the RV GPS on your windshields while the dashboard disk has an adhesive back so you can place it on any flat or smooth surface. To mount your RV GPS Units on the windshield, a bracket is required that can work with joints or adjustment nuts. After setting the bracket, you can mount your RV GPS on it.

Once the GPS is installed, you have to power it on. Input your time zone and a personalized password, so that your RV is protected against getting stolen. Some RV GPS units do not require a password or a PIN, but you can use your home address as your selected safe location.rv gps2

You have to get familiar with the GPS menu and easily navigate through its features. Knowing how to enter destination is very important and it is one of the things that you must learn first. You can also adjust the volume of the speaker. Some units have day and night modes that you can switch on as you like. You also have to keep the quick start guide close by if you have no idea how to return to the default settings.

Learning to work with a new RV GPS Unit takes time and patience. Just make sure to learn about all the features of your device before hitting the road.

Here’s a great video on configuring the Garmin dezl 760, one of the most popular devices on the market: